Monday, April 11, 2011

2 months later...

We have not blogged in almost 2 months! We have certainly been cooking and eating for these months just too tired to blog after a day of cooking or some weeks we just made old favorites that had already been posted.

After transferring my pictures to my computer today I see that we did make a couple really good recipes that we should share. Actually Erin found a new food blog that is not only fun to read and has tons of pictures but the recipes are super delicious, several came from that site.

Today we made Club Sandwiches, its amazing to taste what just a couple extra touches will do for an old classic.

We also made Angel Food Cake, Salsa and Quiche but those are definitely all repeats.

So thinking back we made this great Beef Stew with Beer and Paprika, sooo good!

Quesadillas are so fast and easy plus you can put almost anything in them so this recipe was appealing since we love all of the ingredients!

I am a meat lover and always wondered when people talked about Portabello Burgers. Well for a lighter version of a burger I totally get it after eating this recipe
(the prosciutto is really not necessary - the mayo flavor is amazing!):

Last week we had Monk fish and this awesome asparagus recipe from Cooking Light magazine. The meal was delicious but this fish smelled up the house for days so the next time we do it will surely be on the grill! I love asparagus and always hesitate to add stuff to something that is so good on its own but this recipe adds balsamic vinegar (yum!) and goat cheese (love it!) so we tried it out and it was a keeper.

So that is it for now, since spring is finally here we will be getting out of the winter rut and be trying new and fun recipes and looking forward to grilling season!